Kennedy dominates all-state softball

The team was chosen by statewide media and coordinated by the Tri-City Herald. Merlich and Josie led Kennedy of Burien to its second consecutive 3A title. Eastlake coach George Crowder was named 4A Coach of the Year. Two Auburn Riverside players led eight locals on the 3A first team. Amanda Fitzsimmons was honored as a pitcher and Katie Grad as an outfielder. Evan Fassler of Cedarcrest was named 2A Player of the Year, and Ben Somoza of King's was 1A Coach of the Year in the All-State Boys Soccer Team. Fassler was joined by R.J. Seattle's pet owners sent us their best shots, and now it's time to choose the winners. Bellevue man served with WWII Nazi death squad, U.S. Bellevue man served with WWII Nazi death squad, U.S.
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17.7.08 11:18

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